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Bob Loftin

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I'm Bob Loftin -- I will be doing some blogging of the conference at bibliosk8.net . This is my second CIL. Went to one a few years go. I usually go to Internet Librarian, but didn't think I could face any more fried Calamari last year, so here I am. Looks like this will be a good conference.



Here're a few of the sessions I'm planning to attend:



  • Going local in the library
  • Library Web Presence: engaging the audience
  • Mobile Trends: hi tech & touch
  • Widgets, tools, and doodads for library webmasters
  • User-generated content



  • Mashups for the Nontechies
  • Facebook Apps & Libraries Friendly Future
  • Whatever else strikes my fancy




  • What's hot in RSS and Social Softward
  • Findability: information not location
  • Innovative marketing using 2.0 tools
  • Whatever else strikes my fancy


Oh, yeah...I am the Municipal Reference Librarian for the City of Plano, TX. I have also worked at International SEMATECH, in Austin, and Johnson Space Center, in Houston (Clear Lake), and a few others.

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