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Conference Questions

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Conference Questions


Q: Now that early registration deadlines have passed, it is difficult to find reasonable accomodate near the Hyatt. Any Suggestions?

A: The Crystal Quarters is offering whole suites with kitchen and laundry right next to Hyatt for $190. See http://www.crystalquarters.com/.



Q: Do library of science students get a discount on the registration fee?


A: There are group discounts which you can find out more by calling Information Today at 1 800 300 9868. In addition, we sometimes have volunteer jobs for library science students. If you are interested in that, please contact Conference Chair, Jane Dysart, at jane at dysartjones dot com




Q: Do any organizations offer scholarships or grants to attend the conference?


A: Not that I, program chair, know about. Speakers do get free registration and many groups have discounts for the conference. In addition, the exhibits only registration is free and there are some programs in the exhibit hall. Check out the cybertours online in a month or so.


A: The State Library of NC offers career enrichment funds of up to $1000 with a 10% match to attend the CIL conference. http://statelibrary.dcr.state.nc.us/lsta/ceprogram07.htm (For NC residents only.)


A: In Wyoming, grants are available through the LSTA program http://will.state.wy.us/admin/lsta.html and the Carol McMurry Library Endowment http://will.state.wy.us/mcmurry/ . MPLA also offers professional development grants to members http://www.mpla.us/grants.html




Q: I am not planning on bringing a laptop. Will there be computer access available on-site?


A: Internet cafe with computer stations are available in the exhibit area during exhibit hours.




Q: Anybody know if there is an official conference blog/bloggers?


A: The Information Today folks have a blog where they cover the conference, but other than that, I think everyone pretty much blogs on their own blogs and then tags their stuff CIL2008. --Meredith


A: The Information Today blog usually includes links to all those at CIL who are also blogging so make sure you list yourself as a blogger on the wiki and ITI will include a link on their blog to yours. We also usually have blogger ribbons which you can get from the registration desk. Blog on! -- Jane Dysart




Q: How do people usually dress for this conference? Suits, Jeans and tees, or somewhere in-between?


A: Mostly business casual although you can can either extreme - suits and jeans.


A: Also - I don't know what the weather will be like this year, but last year I made use of my warm coat, scarf, gloves, and umbrella quite a bit.




Q: When you sign up for a specific track, do you have to stay with that track for all three days? I would love to mix and match presentations if I could.


A: Not at all. When I went to Internet Librarian last year, I attended any and all sessions that were of interest. Mix and match to your heart's content, it helps make the conference so much more useful and appropriate to your work. I also find that I make more contacts by moving around and even attending some sessions that might seem only loosely related to what you do for a living - you never know where inspiration will strike! - Karen McBride




Q: How can one sign up for a CyberTour? The page is down, and I would like to submit a presentation for the conference.


A: Contact the conference organizer, Jane Dysart (jane@dysartjones.com)


A: Cybertour schedule has just been finalized and will be up online shortly. Jane Dysart




Q: Please provide details for the Government & Special Libraries Streams. Thanks.


A: The Government & Sepcial Libraries streams are just another way of looking at the sessions available at CIL. I pulled out some of the sessions related to the those topics from the already planned tracks just to highlight for our attendees who are interested. The track and session letters are beside the titles and speakers so you should be able to find them in your program. Jane Dysart




Q: Does anyone know the distance between the Hyatt and the other off-site hotel that is part of the conference lodging option?


Note from Show Management:

Shuttle service will be provided to attendees staying at the Best Western Penatagon Hotel each morning and afternoon on the main days of the conference (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).


A: Not sure which of the other hotels you mean. If it's the Best Western, it does seem to be a bit of a distance. There's a Holiday Inn & a Hilton that are both an easy walk, not sure if they're part of the conference rate though.


A: The Courtyard Marriott is right next door to the Hyatt.






Q: Are free exhibit visitor passes available for someone attending with a conference registrant?


A: Yes, am not sure if you can still register for free exhibit hall passes online but if not, you can do it on site.






Q: Are those with visitor passes welcome at the Sunday night Gaming and Gadgets event?



Q: Will the conference organizers accommodate a nursing mother? I will need to pump at least twice a day. All I need is a private room (doesn't have to be big) with an electrical outlet for a 20 min session each time. Who should I contact about this issue?





Q: Do you have to be signed up for a PreConference to attend the Sunday night Gaming and Gadgets event?



Q: Will CIL2008 sell DVDs containing the conference this year? If so, does anyone know how long they will be for sale? I am coming in April 9th for a post-conference and want to buy one. I bought one when I went to the whole conference in 2006--I just can't remember the details on how I bought the DVD.




Q. Do you know if the shuttle from the Pentagon Best Western will be operating for the Pre-Conference tomorrow morning. Also, what hours will the shuttle be operating from the Best Western during the conference? Thanks.

Q. Where are the Post Conference Workshops located? Thanks. 




Q.  Where is the online version of the Attendee Survey?


A. http://vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/2b4cg327e6 or from the conference homepage @ http://www.infotoday.com/cil2008/. There's a table towards the top of the page. One of the options is Attendee Survey. It's got a "NEW!" icon next to it.  





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