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Greg Schwartz

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Hi there. More than likely, you've already figured out that my name is Greg Schwartz. I currently serve as the Library Systems Manager for the Louisville Free Public Library. I'm the host of a weekly live call-in roundtable discussion about libraries and librarianship called Uncontrolled Vocabulary. I also blog occasionally at Open Stacks.


This will be my fourth appearance at CiL. I've spoken at previous ITI conferences about blog and podcast search and given cybertours on podcasting. I'll be speaking twice at this conference in two consecutive sessions on Tuesday:


2:30-3:15 E204 Libraries as Laboratories for Innovation (with Matt Gullett)


4:00-5:00 C205 - 2.0 Pecha Kucha—Conversation Face-Off! (with five other awesome presenters)


The Pecha Kucha will be particularly interesting in that the Pecha Kucha format (20 slides, 20 seconds each - 6:40 total to make your point) will be new to most, if not all, of the presenters. A good challenge for seasoned speakers.


I arrive early evening Sunday. Drop me a line if you're interested in socializing.


Here's my tentative schedule for sessions:


Time   First Choice Speaker   Second Choice Speaker
900-945   Opening Keynote Lee Rainie, Pew / American Life   (seriously considering skipping)  Breakfast with Steve and Josh and Rikhei (if you don't mind)
945-1030   Coffee Break    
1030-1115 C101 Going Local in the Library: Web 2.0, Library 2.0, Local 2.0 Charles Lyons B101   Web 2.0 Services for Smaller, Underfunded Librarians  Sarah Houghton-Jan
1130-1215 B102 Learning from Politics Justine Lam  A102  Mobile Search  Gary Price, Megan Fox
1215-130   Lunch Break    
130-230 C103 The Global Librarian: Online Social Networks Steve Lawson, Josh Neff, Rikhei Harris      
230-315   Coffee Break    
315-400 C104 Learning Commons: The "in" in CiL

Tom Ipri

415-500 D105 Library Staff Training Donovan Deakin, Rebecca Ranallo Kahl  E105 Industry Learnings & Libraries   Steven Cohen, Ellyssa Kroski


600-   Dinner



Tuesday, April 8


Time   First Choice Speaker   Second Choice Speaker
900-945   Keynote Jaap and Erik (not missing this one!)
945-1030   Coffee Break    
1030-1115 A201 Innovation Starts with "I" Helene Blowers, Tony Tallent  D201 Laptop Labs: Face-to-Face Social Networking  Ryan Deschamps
1130-1215  B202 Drupal & Libraries Ellyssa Kroski       
1215-130   Lunch 
130-230 A203 skip prep for sessions A203   From Woepac to Wowpac (1st half) lots o' people 
230-315 E204 Libraries as Laboratories for Innovation  Greg Schwartz, Matt Gullett      
315-400   Coffee Break
400-500 C205 Pecha Kucha  Amanda Etches-Johnson, Greg Schwartz, Meredith Farkas, David Free, Aaron Schmidt, Greg Notess      
500-600   Nap time
600-730   Speaker's reception (I'm guessing it will be during this time.)
730-900   InfoTubey Awards (Was Dead Tech working too blue?)
900-100             Karaoke, baby! @Freddies Beach      



Wednesday, April 9


Time   First Choice Speaker   Second Choice Speaker
900-945   Keynote Liz Lawley
945-1030   Coffee Break    
1030-1115 B301 Learning from Video Games Chad Boeninger      
1130-1215 D302 Staff Tech Training Sarah Houghton-Jan, Maurice Coleman, Annette Gaskins E302 Innovative Marketing Using 2.0 tools Helene Blowers & Michael Porter
1215-145   Lunch Reception in exhibit hall
 200   Off to airport


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