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Jonathan Smith

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Jonathan Smith's Facebook profile


Hello, I'm the Electronic Services Librarian at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  You can find me on Facebook, Linked-In and my offical bio.


This is my third CiL, and I am stoked that "Next Gen Catalogs" gets an entire track to itself!  The best thing about this conference are the conversations... getting cool new ideas and sharing experiences.  I'm hoping to find people who want to discuss: Next-gen library interfaces, content management systems, Joomla!, webmaster tips, emerging research tools, progressive rock music, etc...



  • D101 - Hi Tech & Hi Touch
  • B102 - Library Web Presence
  • B103 - Fast & Easy Site Tune-ups
  • B104 - Widgets, Tools & Doodads
  • B105 or C105 or E105



  • A201 - Next-Gen Interfaces
  • WorldCat Local Demo
  • A203 - From Woepac to Wowpac
  • A204 - From Woepac to Wowpac
  • A205 - Catalog Effectiveness




  • E301 - Tech Tools
  • B302 or C302 or D302
  • B303 or D303
  • A304 or B304
  • B305 - Open Source Solutions

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