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Hi, I'm Lawrence Wolofsky from Ottawa, Canada.  This is my first CIL.  Is it okay to admit I'm not a librarian??  I Do Work in a library, though.  My deparment's library is responsible for it's web presence and my job as an web/ASP developer is to keep it humming with the latest, gadgets, tools, techniques.  We have information there, too!  Our internet site, which I just finished, looks like this.  I can barely wait to see what others are doing in their libraries at the CIL conference in Crystal City.  I'm also looking forward to getting away from the 5 feet of snow we still have piled on our front lawn.  So, if you come across me somewhere at CIL08, a good (pardon the pun) icebreaker  might be "So, how's the snow up there in Canada?"


Here's the plan for the 3+ days:



petting zoo, of course!



Web 2.0
Mobile Search
Fast Site Tune ups
Widgets, tools, etc
What do users really do..


1st choice 2nd
Next Gen Interfaces Wikis.., or Mashups
Harnessing New Data Visualization Tools  
Video, YouTube.. Pecha Kucha

InfoTubeys should be great.  I love YouTube but generally watch stuff alone or with the kids, then email the link to someone.  Should be good to watch the Infotubeys with other adults!



1st Choice

Learing from video games Collaborating with YouTubers..
Once Click ahead.. Open source Apps
Google tracking.. gaming, Open Source Library automation
Open source Solutions  
Integrating 2nd Life  



I'm signed up for the 130 Web Tips but all the workshops on this morning look great.  I may try to switch at the last minute.

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