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Ryan Deschamps

Page history last edited by Ryan Deschamps 12 years, 4 months ago

Hi, my name is Ryan Deschamps and I am e-Learning Manager at the Halifax Public Libraries and I blog at The Other Librarian.


I'm happy to present at Computers in Libraries this year about using laptops to make social networking happen both online and face-to-face.   As the current Vice Chair of the Halifax Regional CAP Association Board, I am very interested in practical uses of computers to engage community in positive ways -- and by "community" I mean both online community and local community.


My Tentative Schedule


Sunday:  Arrive in DC at around 7:30pm.    Probably supper with Iris et. al.




Time With. . . Title
8:00 TBA Breakfast (meeting?)
9:00 Lee Rainnie Libraries Solve Problems!
9:45   Coffee Break
10:30 Brian Kroski Learning from Newspaper Publishing.
11:30 Elysa Kehoy et. al Library Web Presence
12:15 TBA Lunch
1:30 Steve Lawson et. al. The Global Librarian
2:30   Coffee Break
3:15 Darlene Fitcher & Frank Cervone Widgets, Tools and Doo-dads. . .
4:15 Elyssa Krosky & Steve Cohen Industry Learnings and Libraries.





Time With Title
8:00 TBA Breakfast
9:00   High Tech with High Touch keynote
10:30 ME! Laptop Labs:  Face-to-Face Social Networking
11:30  Michael Sauers  Libraries a-Twitter
12:15   Lunch
1:30 John, Karen et. al From WoePAC to WowPAC
2:30 John, Karen et. al. From WoePAC to WowPAC
3:15   Coffee Break
4:00 Amanda et. al Pecha Kucha




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