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CiL n00b, Rochelle Hartman, reporting for duty!


I blog at Tinfoil+Raccoon, or at least remember the good ol' days when I used to post regularly.


I am attending the conference via the generosity of my employer, La Crosse Public Library, where I work as the manager of Information Services (fancy name for Reference).


This is my first Info Today conference, and my first non-ALA conference. 




  • Arriving early afternoon. I am not signed up for any pre-conferences so expect to be lounging pool-side. Am currently accepting applications for daquiri-bringers and/or brilliant conversationalists for the afternoon. This is lifetime opportunity! Applications will be considered in the order received! Act now!
  • Sunday evening, it's a good bet I'll be hanging out w/my partner in crime Reno Cohen or catching up with old pals.  I'm pretty sure I won't be doing anything that revolves hand/eye coordination, moving images or accumulating a score. 



  • Honestly, I haven't even looked at the schedule. The only think I know I'm in for is an LSW breakfast. 



  • Leaving very late afternoon.

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